Thursday, September 10, 2009


Welcome to At Home with the Causeys! We're just getting started on this blog so please bear with us! What can you expect from us in the future? Lots of blogging about building our dream house, cooking, the police academy, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, possibly breeding golden retrievers... basically, you name it, we'll probably talk about it! We can't wait to share our journey with you!

Ya'll come back now!


  1. yay! welcome to family blogland! it's about time...can't wait to hear more about the life of hunter and amanda "behind the lens" but keep those beautiful pics coming at your other blog too!! :)

  2. It must be nice to not have a real job and just create blogs all the time....

    I will only read this if Hunter posts once a week.

  3. You can tell you and Hunter don't have any children. Too much free time on your hands. HA! Well this blog sounds like a good idea. Good luck with it.